Wednesday, January 1, 2014

               OK first day of the year. I am glad 2013 is gone but at the same time i am sad. It was a good and bad year, but i guess that has happened to a lot of people as well. To those who had a great year may 2014 be even better for you and to those who had a bad one 2014 is here for you to make sure you do not make the mistakes you have made in the last 365 days and take those 365 days as a learning experience.

               I learned a lot this past year. First i learned the mental toughness you need to have being away from your family. I basically barely saw my daughter grow up and every single time i am home i cherish everything i can do with her. Today she fell asleep on me and i could not stop looking at her. Knowing that the little person depends on mommy and daddy for everything is pretty overwhelming. I also learned how my wife is able to hold down the fort. Not only taking care of everything but also carrying our second child. She is the strongest woman i know and a mother any child would want. She should give lessons on motherhood. :) Another thing i learned is all the BS people trying to get you to believe. I learned that the hard way. 2013 was a waste of a year in a lot of ways for Nonpoint on the business side. Like i said above it is a learning experience.

              The most important thing i learned is how to be a bandmate. It was awesome being able to not only share a stage with amazing musicians like Dave, Adam and Rasheed but also having people to help you have a better state of mind. We hung out everyday, watched movies together and the best part we laughed together. Now this may sound kind of gay to some of you but it was really helpful entering such a long record cycle to be around great people.

              2013 also saw a lot of success for the 2 singles we released. "Left For You" was our highest charting single and "That Day" was our highest researched song. Knowing that after releasing an album that was not up to par as previous albums and be able to bring in new faces and talent and write the best album of our career was the thing i loved most about 2013. "That Day" connected with a lot of people and it spoke to them. People really pay attention to our lyrics and our fans have always come up to us saying how much our music has helped them. Never in our career have we had a single make so many end of year lists like we have with That Day. The reaction and incredible reviews we got for our last record was unreal.

                Enjoyed the touring a lot. Being on tour with Hell Yeah, All That Remains, Gemini Syndrome, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Device, every single radio show we did was amazing to me as well. Aside of the business aspect i loved 2013.

              Looking forward to 2014. We have Shiprocked, another hometown DVD shoot, recording a new album, got our old road crew back with a new face added and welcoming a son into my life.

              To all of you i want to thank you for always approaching me and telling me how much you love my posts. I post from the heart and not to get attention. All i want to do is live my life how i want to live it, play music and enjoy my family and friends. Have a great 2014 everyone.

Love you all Robb

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st 2013

At home after another month long tour. This time we get to be home for about 3 weeks with a few shows in between. I appreciate every single minute i can when i am at home. Been watching my daughter dance to mickey mouse and baby einstein videos. As long as she is happy doing it i am happy. Her little face when it smiles makes me a very happy father. Yea she likes Mana Mana as well from the Muppet Show. Well i get to watch it too seeing as it is one of my favorite videos ever. Thank you You Tube. You Tube has to be the best invention ever. Millions of videos at your disposal. What ever it is just type it in and 99.9 percent it is there. If i want to watch 7 Words or Bored by the Deftones (2 of my favorite videos ever) all i have to do is type it in. Live shows, WWE, Sports whatever!!!! Unreal the variety.

Well to those that do not know i am having a new baby in February and we found out it is a boy. Could not be happier! One of each and everything is full circle. Unreal how my life has changed in the last 4 years but i would never trade it for anything in the world. Looking forward to meeting my little man.

Touring. Yea a lot of touring. Never seems to stop when it comes to us. The bills have to get paid you know. Writing a new album at this time as well. If you thought we could not get more aggressive, think again.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Do i keep up?

I get asked about certain world issues that are currently happening.  Here is it, i do not follow politics or religion and have not educated myself in either of those subjects and why is that? Well to be honest those are to the most sensitive subjects to talk about and why is it sensitive? Well because everyone has a different opinion and everyone gets butt hurt if someone does share the same opinion. I stay out of it. I rather talk about music, sports, old school TV shows, touring ect...

New Music....

Got turned on to a really cool band called Impending Doom. Holy Heavy Shit!!! What a killer band. Even though this band is not new Eyes Set To Kill i enjoy as well. Also we had a really cool band from Dallas called Serosia that was cool. Check them out.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sept 1 Dallas Texas

Been a few days since we left for our second leg of our tour. First leg was killer and got to play some amazing shows. Thank you that came out and showed your support for Nonpoint.

Kansas City, Austin, Shreveport and Houston were all amazing shows. Got to play with your long time friends in Drowning Pool in Houston last night. Every time we see those guys it's always a family vibe. never fails when i see them. We have had a long time relationship with those guys. Great to see them still in the game.

Tonight it's Dallas TX. There is just something special about Texas crowds. They never let us down that is for sure. Looking forward to a killer show tonight. No school or work tomorrow for most out there.

Been a very hectic year. LOTS of shows. Seem never ending. But this is my job and i got to what i have to do to support my family.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30th... Akron Ohio

Second day off in a row, how much i hate having days off let alone 2 in a row. Been sitting in my hotel room just getting away. It's peaceful, i get to promote shows, watch movies, listen to some tunes and surf on the net doing research.

This tour has been pretty cool so far. I am not a fan of touring in the summer i much would rather tour fall, winter and spring. To many festivals to compete with to be honest. Who want to see a club show when they can go to Mayhem, Uproar, Warped, Carnival. 4 amazing festivals. So going to a small club show is not really that attractive when you can see a killer festival tour you know. BY the way speaking of Mayhem, i am hearing that Motionless In White are getting a killer response out there. Good to see up and coming bands getting out there and killing it.

As many of you know we had two months off at home and we pretty much wrote our new album. Like 21 songs to be exact. We all had a hand at the writing. Sounds really good so far and a total step up from the last album. I will say that this album has a lot of groove. A LOT OF GROOVE.  I get to lay back and simply just make the songs fun for me to play. Not sure when we hit the studio again but looking at the end of the year pretty much and do this cycle all over again!!!

Talk to you all soon.... Listen to metal, drink coffee and give someone a hug!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Niagara Falls.

Another day on the road. Seems never ending these days for us. It has been grueling but this is what we do. It's in our DNA.