Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sept 1 Dallas Texas

Been a few days since we left for our second leg of our tour. First leg was killer and got to play some amazing shows. Thank you that came out and showed your support for Nonpoint.

Kansas City, Austin, Shreveport and Houston were all amazing shows. Got to play with your long time friends in Drowning Pool in Houston last night. Every time we see those guys it's always a family vibe. never fails when i see them. We have had a long time relationship with those guys. Great to see them still in the game.

Tonight it's Dallas TX. There is just something special about Texas crowds. They never let us down that is for sure. Looking forward to a killer show tonight. No school or work tomorrow for most out there.

Been a very hectic year. LOTS of shows. Seem never ending. But this is my job and i got to what i have to do to support my family.

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