Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st 2013

At home after another month long tour. This time we get to be home for about 3 weeks with a few shows in between. I appreciate every single minute i can when i am at home. Been watching my daughter dance to mickey mouse and baby einstein videos. As long as she is happy doing it i am happy. Her little face when it smiles makes me a very happy father. Yea she likes Mana Mana as well from the Muppet Show. Well i get to watch it too seeing as it is one of my favorite videos ever. Thank you You Tube. You Tube has to be the best invention ever. Millions of videos at your disposal. What ever it is just type it in and 99.9 percent it is there. If i want to watch 7 Words or Bored by the Deftones (2 of my favorite videos ever) all i have to do is type it in. Live shows, WWE, Sports whatever!!!! Unreal the variety.

Well to those that do not know i am having a new baby in February and we found out it is a boy. Could not be happier! One of each and everything is full circle. Unreal how my life has changed in the last 4 years but i would never trade it for anything in the world. Looking forward to meeting my little man.

Touring. Yea a lot of touring. Never seems to stop when it comes to us. The bills have to get paid you know. Writing a new album at this time as well. If you thought we could not get more aggressive, think again.

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  1. When will you guys finally play a show or go on tour in Germany? :( I'm waiting for years and nothin' happens.. Maybe as a supporting act like Sevendust have been for Shinedown? :)