Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30th... Akron Ohio

Second day off in a row, how much i hate having days off let alone 2 in a row. Been sitting in my hotel room just getting away. It's peaceful, i get to promote shows, watch movies, listen to some tunes and surf on the net doing research.

This tour has been pretty cool so far. I am not a fan of touring in the summer i much would rather tour fall, winter and spring. To many festivals to compete with to be honest. Who want to see a club show when they can go to Mayhem, Uproar, Warped, Carnival. 4 amazing festivals. So going to a small club show is not really that attractive when you can see a killer festival tour you know. BY the way speaking of Mayhem, i am hearing that Motionless In White are getting a killer response out there. Good to see up and coming bands getting out there and killing it.

As many of you know we had two months off at home and we pretty much wrote our new album. Like 21 songs to be exact. We all had a hand at the writing. Sounds really good so far and a total step up from the last album. I will say that this album has a lot of groove. A LOT OF GROOVE.  I get to lay back and simply just make the songs fun for me to play. Not sure when we hit the studio again but looking at the end of the year pretty much and do this cycle all over again!!!

Talk to you all soon.... Listen to metal, drink coffee and give someone a hug!

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  1. Ok. So actually I hav a question that doesn't evn pertain to this entry. But seriously I just hav to kno wht ur lead singer is saying after the 2nd verse on "I Said It". It sounds like he's shouting about bullets. Idk. PLZ tell me wht he's sayin. Thx. God Bless!